About Us

Robotomation-Hub is a global organization with offices in Kenya, India & Canada with an HQ in Nairobi, Kenya. Established in 2017 by Founder CEO Kshitiz Agarwal.

Robotomation-Hub are a leading company in the global market for industrial, medical, educational & Agricultural equipment’s all based in the Automation field. We provide marketing services and create a link between the buyers and sellers.

Our Vision

Our services are to offer the true solutions for our customers for the right product across the globe.

Our Customers

We aim to please our customers with products that exceed their expectations and requirements for the correct value.
We will harvest confidence in our customers by being a reasonable and reliable partner to them.

Our Employees

For us at Robotomation-Hub, our employees are our greatest assets. We always value the creativity they bring in and the environment they create with their fabulous ideas and initiatives.

Our Future

Robotomation-Hub is the commencement of a new era. We bring in the aspects of Robotics and Automation together. We will always anticipate the market as it grows and by using our marketing skills we will provide our customers to get the best of the innovative technologies and modern tools.

We at the Hub aim for a better and brighter tomorrow & we will always INNOVATE BEYOND COMPARE.